Delivering engineering, science, technology, and intelligent business solutions by creating the most innovative and advanced partnerships in the world.

DFCO is a global organization specializing in the development and management of products and services in engineering, manufacturing, and healthcare. With a strong operational infrastructure, the company delivers next-generation products and services that propel growth and accelerate go-to-market capabilities.





With a long history of providing design and manufacturing solutions to world-renowned OEMs, Dalrada Precision helps realize ideas from concept and delivery to after sales service, offering unique and specific solutions.

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Dalrada Health is in the business of solving health problems – globally. The company develops products and services that address the unmet needs of consumers due to accessibility, affordability, or availability. With operations in the U.S., Malaysia, and India, Dalrada Health is able to reach underserved markets through strong partnerships and the development of efficient supply chains.


Health Products

Dalrada Health also specializes in direct-to-consumer health products with a strong focus on natural, alternative therapies. DHP selects the highest quality ingredients and partners with manufacturers and follows strict quality assurance standards like those of the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, advanced scientific knowledge and robust data analytics are used to identify impactful products that provide the biggest potential for market penetration.


Dalrada Financial Corporation was incorporated in 1982 and had its first public offering in 1984. The company’s principal executive office is located in Henderson, NV, with offices in San Diego, CA, and Bangalore, India.



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