Dalrada Financial Corporation trades on the NASD Electronic Bulletin Board under the symbol “DFCO”. Investors and shareholders can obtain additional information from our publicly-filed documents including our annual and quarterly reports.


Incorporated in 1982 and with its first public offering in 1984, the company’s principal executive office is located in Henderson, NV, with satellite offices in San Diego, CA, and Bangalore, India.


Dalrada is a global organization specializing in the development and management of products and services in a wide range of industries including engineering, manufacturing, and healthcare. With a strong operational infrastructure, the company delivers next-generation products and services that propel growth and accelerate go-to-market capabilities.


Dalrada helps identify business needs for improvement and creates direct plans of action to facilitate future success and achievement of goals by providing business solutions to its client companies.



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Dalrada Financial Corporation was incorporated in 1982 and had its first public offering in 1984. The company has offices in San Diego, CA, and Bangalore, India.



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